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I specialise in 1-1 teaching but if you want to learn with a friend or family member as a 2-1 course I will be more than happy to oblige. 


The courses will obviously take longer and the pace may be slower especially if one of you progresses more slowly than the other. 


But it's definitely fun learning with a friend!


Prices are:

Taster - £230 for 2 students, 3 hours

Intro to kitesurfing - £749 for 2 students, 10 hours (i.e. £384.50 each, saving £24.50 each)

Zero to Hero - £949 for 2 students, 13 hours (i.e. £474.50 each, saving £55.50 each)

Refresher - £240 for 2 students, 3 hours minimum (i.e. £120 each)

(all the above plus £10 weekend supplement per lesson payable on the day if booked for Saturday, Sunday or bank holiday)


The hours required for group 2-1 courses are based on my extensive experience of how long it takes 2 people to learn together. However, if you both learn more quickly I will include extra items. Equally, if your progress takes a bit longer you will need to book extra time to complete the course. Progress will be determined by the group, not the individual. 

Optional extra (prices below):​

  • Video Coaching and feedback

  • Photos and video clips of your experience to share (downloadable)

Taster: included

Intro:  £35 (£17.50 each)

Zero to Hero: £55 (£27.50 each)

Refresher:  £15 (£7.50 each)

(See Video T&Cs for details)


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