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£115 for 1.5 hours 1-1 with Senior BKSA instructor

Use of all necessary equipment included

This lesson will take you from having no knowledge of kitesurfing, through to your first kite piloting of a 2 line trainer kite and full understanding of the equipment used and principles of kitesurfing. 


Under my instruction, I will introduce you to what kitesurfing is, how it works and the equipment used to maximise the thrill for any wind speed.  You will fly a trainer kite on land to get used to steering and control. 

There is no water element to this lesson. 

The purpose of this lesson is to have a fun experience of understanding kitesurfing to help you decide if you want to take up the sport.  This taster is also part of lesson one of my Zero to Hero course therefore if you decide to continue you will save money when booking the full course.  Please ask for details. 

Photos and video clips of your experience to share (downloadable) are included in the price for the taster

(See Video T&Cs for details)


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