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£99 for 2 hours 1-1 with Senior BKSA instructor (includes Solo Strap worth £29.95)

Ever wondered what to do if no one is around and you want to go kitesurfing. 

Or you come in from a session and no one is there! 

Well, this course is for you! Feel confident you know what to do and can get out there whenever. 

The course covers various ways to self-launch and self-land depending on the conditions you find yourself in.

It includes an 'Only One' Solo Strap worth £29.95 which I have found to be the best and safest way to self-launch and self-land due to its ability to click onto your safety line as well as the chicken loop. 

Due to the nature of this course, you need to be a confident and competent kitesurfer and have your own gear. 

We will use your gear for the lesson as each kite behaves slightly differently and you will want to be confident on your own kites, not mine!


The lesson takes place on land at my beautiful grassy kite friendly spot.  

You must wear a helmet which I will provide for the lesson (FOC) if you don't have one. 

Running the lesson is subject to the wind being acceptable. We won't be doing this in a gale! 

But I will teach you what to do if you find yourself alone wanting to land in a gale! 


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