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Terms and conditions if you choose optional video coaching:

Pictures and videos for land-based lessons are taken using a compact camera.

Pictures and videos for water lessons are taken using a GoPro. 

The resultant footage is shared unedited online for you to download and review/share as you please. 

A GoPro is very wide angle with no optical zoom so some footage will be quite small as you ride away from me. However, it is perfect for coaching as you can see the kite position as well as the rider. 

For coaching, you will receive an email containing feedback from the videos taken in the lesson and a link to the content. 

Please do not expect 4k perfection with the videos. They are unedited and for coaching purposes and do this job very well. There may sometimes be water drops on the lens but I do my best to avoid this. 

The extra cost is due to the time it takes me to review all your videos and compile a comprehensive feedback email for you to use in the future.  The email is the valuable part! 

Here is some feedback from one happy student:

Thanks for sending these through and the tips! Listening to the instructions again along with the videos is helpful and gives a clear idea of what to focus on - kite at 2 and commit to the harness on waterstart.

Will also practice slowing down and stopping safely!!

Nick Royal - Private Lesson

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