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ZERO TO HERO (my best seller year on year!)

£530 for 7.5 hours 1-1 with Senior BKSA instructor

(plus £10 weekend supplement per lesson payable on the day if booked for Saturday, Sunday or bank holiday)

Everything you need to know to get started in this amazing sport. 

Included in your lessons:

  • Use of all necessary equipment (premium kites, board, harness, wetsuit, float vest etc)

  • Beautiful quiet location with on site facilities

  • BB Talkin' 2 way radio headsets

  • BKSA or IKO Certification card on successful course completion

  • Follow up buying advice for your first gear setup

  • Exclusive deals on RRD kitesurfing gear

  • Free Parking

  • Station pick up if required

Optional extra (£30):​

  • Video Coaching and feedback

  • Photos and video clips of your experience to share (downloadable)

(See Video T&Cs for details)


You just need to bring a towel and a desire to master this amazing sport!


This course is delivered over 3 sessions. The first session is land based and can be done anytime. Sessions 2 and 3 are water based and are tide dependent. Sessions are over 2-3 days (not necessarily consecutive) and are weather dependent. 


By the end of the course, you should be an independent kitesurfer able to practise unsupervised. 


Everyone’s progression differs and at no point will you be asked to perform anything beyond your ability.


We will follow the BKSA training scheme which ensures we cover everything you need to know to become a safe and confident independent kitesurfer. 


This course will take you to Level 2 Part 4.  


The course covers the following levels:


Level 1 Part 1:  Basic kite flying skills

Level 1 Part 2: Inflatable kite rigging launching and basic water based flying

Level 1 Part 3:  Bring on the power, basic body dragging

Level 1 Part 4:  Directional body dragging and self-rescue techniques


Level 2 Part 1: Introduction to boards and board start technique

Level 2 Part 2: First board starts and technique

Level 2 Part 3: First board rides including prolonged power delivery

Level 2 Part 4: Independent Kitesurfing: Riding with others



7.5 hours for the course is based on my extensive experience of how long it takes someone to learn. However, if you learn more quickly I will include extra items. Equally, if your progress takes a bit longer you will need to book extra time to complete the course.








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