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Do you really need kitesurfing lessons?



There are many activities and sports you can pick up and have a go after some trial and error and quick pointers/YouTube watching!



Kitesurfing is completely different!



Many people ask “Do I really need kitesurfing lessons?” and the answer is YES!

You absolutely need kitesurfing lessons to become a safe and independent kitesurfer.


Having a professional kitesurfing Instructor by your side will help you learn the theoretical and practical aspects of this extreme sport. This is something people overlook…

Kitesurfing is still regarded as an extreme sport which is why it is recommended to learn properly with a trained professional. That way you can be safe.

If you don't take lessons you are literally risking your life.


Think about it this way; would you learn to skydive by yourself or take a course? I'd hope like the majority, you would take the course. This same logic applies to kitesurfing!

It is important to take your time when learning the sport as the goal with taking lessons is to become an independent safe kitesurfer. An independent kitesurfer is self-sufficient. They are confident, know their equipment and the safety systems, understand the kitesurfing rules, can body drag, re-launch, self-rescue if need be and ride upwind.


Becoming an independent kitesurfer is where the true adventure begins. From this point on, it is all about having a great time out on the water.


You will realize that there are no two kitesurfing sessions alike. Every day will be a new experience and this is why so many fall in love with the sport. Its addictive and will change your life!

If you are planning on becoming a kitesurfer take lessons with a trained professional for best results.

Make sure the school you choose is British Kitesports recognised. This will ensure you are being taught the best program by a fully trained and qualified professional. You wont regret it! is British Kitesports (BKSA) recognised, I am a qualfied Senior BKSA instructor with 100s of hours experience, and the school is fully licensed and insured. You are in good hands!

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