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It was a very good lesson, feeling a lot more confident with my equipment and launching and landing.
Tom K -  Private Lesson


Steve, it was incredible mate! You've got me chomping at the bit for some more and I'll definitely be booking up zero to hero at some point... once the house is finished and I've got more than 4p to give you! Your love of it was absolutely infectious and I'll be recommending you to everyone I know, for sure! Great service!

Thank you again my friend! 'til the next one 🤘🏻
Andy M - Taster 1-1


Hello mate, brilliant day and an excellent course.  I'll spread the word around my command that your the man to see if they want to learn. Thanks again. Rich
Rich Huggins - Zero to Hero 1-1


Steve, Thanks for an amazing day - I am buzzing (and exhausted). You are a great instructor and a nice guy to spend the day with - we had some good chats.
Jon Whiteman - Intro to Kitesurfing 1-1


Excellent session and refresher lesson. I learnt some great new skills and techniques, I felt it was taken seriously and professionally. Loved the ability to talk whilst on the water (radios) which led to me getting instant results. Many thanks.
Guy Watts - Refresher 1-1


Really enjoyed it, credit to your teaching. Always calm and with clear instruction. Thoroughly enjoyed it 👍
James McKenzie - Zero To Hero


Thank you for an awesome afternoon Steve! We loved it and laughed so much :) Defo put me down for the course in Sept
Chantal Prince and friend - Taster 2-1


Having packed away my equipment for the winter, I booked a 2-hour class with LearnToKitesurf to help me work on my transitions and, more importantly, provide me with the reassurance I needed to re-enter the water safely.

Steve’s friendly, calm and knowledgeable approach was first-class and he had me riding up-wind again in no time.  I’m sure I’ll be booking another coaching session later this year; although there’s plenty to work on in the meantime!
Sam Gibson - Private lesson


I’ve really enjoyed the challenge of learning to kitesurf (and was a challenge – at least for me!) Your lessons, in particular, were excellent. You take so much care with the feedback including the videos etc

Jeremy Thomson - Private lessons


Thanks so much and thanks for yesterday. I had a really great time and learnt so much. It was a great day.

Tom Clare - Taster Session


Really enjoyed the taster and yep, will look to get booked in for a course next year.

Chris Garner - Taster session


Thanks for a great session and the videos are great!  You are so enthusiastic: just amazing.

Guy Ellis - Intro to Foiling


Hi Steve, thanks again for the taster session - it was brilliant!

Glenn Miles - Taster session


I really enjoyed it yesterday, regardless of falling on my face a few times!

Marina Koltsova - Zero To Hero


Thanks for sending these through and the tips! Listening to the instructions again along with the videos is helpful and gives a clear idea of what to focus on - kite at 2 and commit to the harness on waterstart.

Will also practice slowing down and stopping safely!!

Nick Royal - Private Lesson


Thanks so much for Friday’s lesson, I can’t believe I managed to progress so quickly.

All thanks to you!

Axel Kynoch- Private lesson


Thanks so much for the Saturday session; I feel really positive about my progress, I really appreciate how you broke-down the start-up into building blocks!

Jo Norman- Zero To Hero


Thanks so much for the amazing lesson and feedback, I’m really happy to finally really learn! 

Axel Kynoch - Private lesson


Another fantastic lesson where I learned so much. Not to mention the fact that you got a picture where I actually looked like I knew what I was doing for a split second!!! ;-). 

Looking forward to the next lesson even more as always.

Andy Cluer - Zero to Hero


Just wanted to say thanks for the lesson on Saturday. We both had a fantastic time and couldn't stop talking about the day afterwards. The pictures and videos were great too, my sister in law was impressed at how quick we were being dragged through the water. 

Graham Geragthy & Hazel Austin - Taster for 2


Thanks once again for last few days very enjoyable and great teaching

Steve Burgum - Zero to Hero


You are a great and patient teacher. 

Vicky Harvey - Zero to Hero


Thanks for your patience with me today. Much enjoyed your tuition. 

Jame Héroys - Private lesson


Steve was more than awesome. We learned from him for three days. Went away successful.

Jerry and Kristi Wood - 10 hour clinic


If you are thinking about learning to kitesurf then I would highly recommend Steve! Very knowledgeable, uses the best gear and keeps you safe! My brother and I took the Zero to Hero course this summer and can’t thank Steve enough, we are now competently riding up-wind and know exactly what to do should anything go wrong.

Cheers LearnToKitesurf ! I will be recommending you to anyone that asks.

Shane Mason - Zero to Hero


Thank you very much Steve. I still find it hard to believe that I have finally managed to get up on the board!  I greatly appreciate your super teaching.

David Eglinton - Private Lesson


Really good lesson with Steve Sinnhuber, got a few long runs in, thank you for your patience Steve. Thank you once again, couldn't have done it without you. Your worth every penny. Anybody wants kitesurfing lessons he's the best around!. Look him up

James Winters - Private lesson


Hi Steve.
Firstly I would like to say a huge Thank You for the zero to hero course. You have provided me with the perfect introduction to this fabulous sport with your professional instruction and yes you have given me the kite Bug!!!
Also many thanks for the feedback from Fridays lesson.
I would like to have a further lesson with you but at a later date once I have some kit and I have progressed a little more.
Well Done Steve and see you soon
Cheers Phil👍👍👍😆😆😆

Phil Mepstead - Zero to Hero


Having just completed the “zero to hero” course whilst visiting from Florida, I am pleased to say that I could not be happier with the course and the instruction. Steve is a fantastic instructor that has wonderful patience and is extremely knowledgeable in his craft. The course is well thought out with top of the line equipment and the two-way headset is invaluable. Steve is absolute professional, he was always on time for the lessons and even returned some fees that I had overpaid by mistake. If you are on the south coast and are interested in learning this exciting sport then Steve is your man.

Keep up the good work my friend and hope to see you on my next visit.

Rick White - Zero To Hero


I have to say that our teacher was absolutely fantastic... he taught us everything and more that we needed to know to then go kite-surfing ourselves... feeling confident about it. :) the location was fantastic...

Nicole Zehnder - Extended course


First, thanks for a couple of brilliant days. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and have definitely caught the bug!

Second day on the water was just so much fun and I found your teaching style and the two-way radio an incredible combination and have no doubt that they played a significant role in the speed at which I was able to put the theory into practice.

Finally the video footage. Incredibly useful. Do you remember I mentioned my inability to visualise what was happening, the video’s solved this in an instant. I can see how my stance was incorrect and I did not realise how long I was actually up on the board during one of the runs as I was too busy focusing on the kite.

Finally, a big thank you for standing up to your neck in cold water for two hours to help me.

Jon Ross - Zero to Hero


I would highly recommend LearnToKiteSurf. The instruction from Steve was done in a highly professional manner at a good learning pace. Getting to view video footage from the sessions was very helpful 

Nick Hudson - Zero to Hero

Hi Steve, thank you again for yesterday. We had such a good time and can't wait to see the pictures! 

Louisa Miller - Taster

Thanks so much for this and for the lesson yesterday - we both really enjoyed it.

Jane Hadden - Private lessons

We had a great session with Steve, he's a brilliant instructor and great fun! Will definitely be going back.

Adam Holmes - Taster

Really good taster session, was rather dreading strapping a huge kite to my waist but after Steve talked me through the basics it's really good fun. Will definitely be taking up more lessons! Thanks

Rob Harrington - Taster

Recently had a taster session with Steve and absolutely loved it! Very professional, would highly recommend!

Hayley Stern - Taster

Thoroughly enjoyable taster session with Steve. A friendly, at ease and knowledgeable Instructor. Looking forward to doing the Zero to Hero course

Kathryn Budden - Taster


I have enjoyed the kite lessons you gave us and felt that I have learnt more about the sport in order not to be intimidated and how to stay safe.

Saeed Yakehpar - Private lessons


Steve was my second kite surf instructor and ****! what a difference a great instructor makes, thanks Steve. With Steve I was up and riding really soon cos he explained it well and kept reminding me of the right way to steer on the 2 way radio. I had the usual learner spills but was always confident I was practicing in a safe environment.  The kit he provides is excellent which also helps as you need everything working for you when you learn.

Nick Deakin - Zero to Hero


I would like to say a big thank for the great sessions that my buddy and I have had with you Steve. Without doubt you are a most kind, patient, knowledgeable, and innovative instructor, tested to the limit by both of us. You have given us great days out full of encouragement, laughs and exhaustion. Not once have I heard a cross word from you, and I know we have both given you reason.

Mark Davies - Private Lessons









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